The Goods EP

The Goods EP

I really just came on to promote this fantastical EP from North London’s very own - The Goods. 

Producing and writing all their tracks, this EP contains nothing but original material, these guys are definitely about to blow.

If you heard their debut mixtape, you know that these boys always deliver. You will also be able to hear how much they have refined and developed their sound in a matter of months.

It’s hard to box them into a genre, but if you’re a sucker for Hip Hop/Rap, Soul, Dubstep and R&B - you will find it all in there. 

A 6-track EP and there’s no need to skip any track. Banger after banger - tune after tune. You will not be disappointed. 

Support GOOD UK MUSIC AND TALENT AND PURCHASE IT ON ITUNES FOR £4.74. It is worth every got-damn penny. 

Click the pic above to purchase!


It’s been yearsssssssssss!!!!!!! WHAT’S REALLY GOOD TUMBLR!!!!